This is the third time Pablo from Abracadabra has come to my rescue, this time to change out a broken shower surround.  He is terribly knowledgable, his work is impeccable, he is 100 percent reliable and for a price (like any professional) he can rescue you on the weekends or late at night.  The second time, I had him come out, it was for a malfunctioning dishwasher.  He checked the plumbing through a number of tests, concluded the problem was the machine and that the plumbing was functioning properly, recommended I call the dw manufacturer and didn't even charge me for the testing.  Great integrity and honesty, Pablo is my go-to-guy for plumbing problems!
— Catherine D.
Pablo is a life saver and goes beyond your expectation. He is reliable and prices are resonable. With no doubt I would call him again.
— Irene A.
I had a pipe burst at my home and it was flooding everywhere. I called them up and they were able to make it out that same day. The pricing is reasonable, not super expensive but not dirt cheap. They definitely know what they are doing and they have my complete trust from now on. It's hard to find guys who don't try to milk the time to get paid, these guys came in and went right to work. I can usually handle the easy stuff on my own but for the bigger jobs I will definitely be calling them from now on.
— Calvin T.
Pablo is the BEST.  He's on time, clean, and best of all, effective at this job.  We have used him many times over the years.  I highly recommend Abracadabra Pumlbing!!!
— Jason Z.
I cannot begin to say how great  of a plumber pablo is. We had had 2 plumbers before him come and inspect our home. Both, in a failed attempt tried to fix our problem leaving the issue worse off than the when we started. Third time is the charm! I tried pablo and not only was his bid the lowest, he fixed the problem in half the time. So happy with his service.
— Vanessa Z.
This review is long overdue - over the 4th of July weekend (2014), our neighbors were moving, and somehow damaged the earthquake shut off valve on our gas meter. This happened on the afternoon of July 3rd, right before the long weekend. Needless to say, we were facing several days without hot water or our cook top - not good! PG&E was unable to make the fix - we were told we needed to find a plumber. We called many local plumbers for assistance, and Abracadabra was the only one who was willing to come out on a Sunday (3 days w/o hot water at this point) - the gentleman who assisted us was prompt, friendly, did a great job, and did the work for a reasonable fee, especially given the holiday.  I feel terrible that I didn't provide this review sooner! I would definitely call upon this team again. Thanks for helping us out!
—Love F.
I had a leak under the kitchen sink and called Abracadabra Plumbing. First time to use this company. I called in the morning but it went into voicemail. I was ready to move on to next plumber but before I did so,  Pablo called me back and was able to come in on the same day. The leak was from a hole in the grinder and Pablo replaced the grinder, problem solved. I would recommend Abracadabra Plumbing, they are prompt, reliable, courteous and professional. Best of all, they're fee was reasonable and honest.  Another happy and satisfied customer. Job well done! Thank you, Pablo & Josh!
—Naomi S.
Pablo is excellent!  He came over within a couple hours of calling, he was incredibly knowledgeable and when he found out that he didn't have the necessary part to fix our toilet, he raced out to get it so he wouldn't be late for another appointment.  He was extremely professional and it just felt like he is a genuinely good man with a strong work ethic who knows a ton about plumbing.
— Ashleigh J.
Pablo is the man! Quick, competent, reliable, and above all, honest. Highly recommend Pablo for any plumbing need (including leak detection).
— David S.
Pablo is the man!!  I had a small leak in my water main which he came over and fixed for the exact price he quoted.  He also guaranteed his work.  So when, for some reason, the weld cracked a little and it started leaking I gave him a ring and told him. He came over THAT NIGHT to survey the issue and then returned the next morning with the proper piping to fix the issue at NO COST.  Excellent service, great work, my plumber for life.
— George S.
My hot water heater died and I did an intense search for both the right product and the right installer. Time will tell if I have the right hot water heater but I am confident Abracadabra was the right installer. Every other company quoted a range and left it open to charge more if they found more complications that expected. Pablo and Josh simply had me email photos of the situation so they had a clear view of the situation (amazingly, no other plumber asked for photos). Pablo and Josh not only quoted a firm price they readily agreed to so a little extra work to make the installation right. Good people.
—Bill A.
My water heater stopped working and another company I called failed to show up after I took a day off from work. I called Pablo in a panic with no hot water for a family of four. He told me he would come by first thing the next morning and fix the issue. I was skeptical after my experience earlier that day, but he showed up, gave me some options and "Abracadabra" resolved my issue for a fair and reasonable price. Pablo is honest, reliable and fast. Highly recommended.
— Roland T.
Pablo really knows what he is doing.  I really appreciate his expertise, availability, communication skills and customer service.  Having plumbing issues can be stressful and it's great to know a plumber like Pablo who can be relied on to take care of any issues that come up.
—Cameron B.
I'm not really familiar with the price for Saturday afternoon minor emergency plumbing service that arrives in one hour but when the mother in law is flying in that same day: Priceless!
Thank you for the quick and efficient service and repair.
— Susan D.
I have known Pablo (Abracadabra Plumbing) since 2000 when I had a major water emergency on a Sunday afternoon at my house and he came to my rescue. Since then he has been my plumber of choice for all plumbing issues, drain and toilet issues, and anything that has to do with pipes, valves, toilets, urinals, drain, sewer, bath tubs, etc.

I found Pablo to me responsible, professional, punctual, reasonably priced, and best of all "he does an excellent job".

Thanks so much for all these years of superb services.
— Paul M.